Winning is in your Head. We put it in your Headphones.

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Our stuff doesn't sound 'cheesy',
like so much of what you may have heard. While you've been in the gym and the weight room, we've been in the recording studio, mixing and mastering the highest quality sound available anywhere. Kick-ass, great sound is our thing.

Brain Science

Don't trust your mind to just anyone.
Our training sessions have been tested in the lab in 2 NCAA D1 studies, and used at the biggest events. Between us, we have 9 PhD's, a PsyD, and 2 MA's in Sport Psychology, and Neuroscience. Our science board LITERALLY wrote the book(s).


“I've listened to a lot of voices over the years, with specific projects for our team. This is simply head and shoulders better.”

Don | Dallas Mavericks

Work on the Key Mental Skills



You know how sometimes you choke, get afraid you'll screw up, freeze, or just plain don't want to be there...and other times, you feel completely unstoppable. That invincible feeling takes practice. We'll show you how.



Bad plays, mistakes, flubs, and chokes are the result of tension. Tension is the result of thinking. We'll help you let everything go at crunch time, so you perform to your potential, and let your true skills show.



Do you play worse when your parents are watching? Do you get more anxious when your boyfriend or girlfriend is in the stands? Are you afraid that coach will yell at you if you F@#$ up? We'll get your mind zeroed in on what matters.



Wouldn't you benefit from another 100 drills, pitches, shots, sprints, or reps every day. Using your mind, you can get those in without moving a muscle. We take the mystery out of mental practice, and make it SUPER easy.

Join athletes from 33 NCAA D1 universities, a world champion NBA team, Major League Baseball players, and players in the top 20 on the PGA Tour money list. Get it going for yourself today.

Who's using Athletes Audio?

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“Athletes Audio is an indispensable tool to improve an athlete's confidence, focus, calm under pressure, and visualization. I use it with every client”

Erika | Sport Psychology Pro


See who we are

Every member of the Athletes Audio team is a jock like you. We have all had the experience of playing great, and playing poorly...primarily from something in the mental game... Worry... nerves... distractions... a lack of confidence...

Studying, teaching, and coaching athletic performance is our life's work. Our science board has PhD's in Sport Psychology, or Neuroscience and has more than 200 years of combined experience coaching athletes at the Olympics, Super Bowl, the Masters, March Madness, and dozens of other big time events. We record what these braniacs would say if they were working directly with you, one-on-one…and deliver it to you in a series of audio training sessions and mastery exercises that you can use to practice every day on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device.

What's on the Album?

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    Bob Kinnison | Recording

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    Bob Kinnison | Recording

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    Dr Fran Pirozzolo

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      Jordan Hamson-Utley

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        Justin Anderson
        Sport Psychology

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          Dr Bob Neff
          Mental Training

        Winning is in your Head. We put it in your Headphones.

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